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For a brand that loves ghosts, there’s one column we can’t abide the pale, gossamer or spectrally thin; flavor. For too long hard seltzers have been relegated to the neutral corner; a dull, watery purgatory. But if we’re to pay this style of beverage any mind at all, why the fuck not demand something with more clout than sparkling water with a whisper, a fart in a gale wind of flavor? With Luscious Real Fruit Seltzers, from Abomination Brewing Co, we’re striving to bring you a seltzer that minces no words, pulls no punches; a seltzer that doesn’t haunt the in-between but OWNS the in-between. Real fruit, big flavor, and in your greasy mitt, you won’t be thinking about that next beer. If claw is law, Luscious is Judge, Jury and Executioner. Cheers to not sacrificing flavor.

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